Life in Berlin

Berlin is such a liveable city…

It’s been ages since I’ve published a blog. I think I’ve only written 3 this year.

But I haven’t forgotten you, or vanished in a desert somewhere.

It’s just that I haven’t been traveling at all. We moved to Berlin at the start of January, and I haven’t left the city since.

Palmyra — Syria’s Desert Treasure

The Temple of Baal

Palmyra sits far out in the desert, an oasis within what is now the war torn country of Syria.

A New Life in a New Town

A new life in a new town…

I learned and experienced many things during my years in Malta, and I wrote around 30 articles about it — most of them were positive, about the places we discovered, from small village streets to the windswept heights of Ras ir-Raheb and the coast of Blata tal-Melh.

My Island Years Are at an End

Thus ends my island years…

I moved to the Mediterranean because I wanted to write an island book inspired by Lawrence Durrell. But it had to be a place no one else had written about — at least, not in that way.

The Best Books I Read in 2016

It’s that time again.

I typically read about 100 books a year. Everything from travel literature to poetry, history, psychology, fiction and memoir.

I love reading lists and recommendations, and I bet a few of you do, too. So at year’s end, I like to take a moment to share my top reads of the past twelve months.

An Island Christmas with Traces of Rome

Looking for the ruins of a Roman villa…

The highlight of my Christmas Eve was a last minute drive over to Valletta to see the new Star Wars film. Valletta was in full xmas-mode and it seemed like half the island was out for a stroll. Only 15 people in the entire cinema made it feel like a private screening, and Rogue One did not disappoint.

Is This The World’s Stupidest Hobby?

Petards — possibly the world's most annoying "hobby"...

Petards — possibly the world’s most annoying “hobby”

Have you ever dreamed of living in the middle of an artillery firing range? Then Malta in summer is for you.

Drifting With The God of the Winds

...before long the entire island chain was spread out below us...

…the entire island chain was spread out below us…

We weren’t even halfway up the mountain yet, and I was already coming to terms with my own mortality.

Art, Man and Technology

Evening views over Pariser Platz from the Akademie der Künste exhibit...

Evening views over Pariser Platz from the Akademie der Künste exhibit…

Okay, I swiped that title from Steve Kilbey. It’s the name of a really cool box set containing a CD of spoken word tracks that accompany a series of postcards printed from his paintings. I highly recommend checking it out — my favourite prose poetry pieces on there are The Visitor and The Lonely City.

Take a Drink at Beckett’s Head

No Berlin visit is complete without a drink at Beckett’s Kopf...

No Berlin visit is complete without a drink at Beckett’s Kopf…

I’ve been in Berlin for the past few weeks, soaking up some art and inspiration in my favourite city. And no visit is complete without soaking up a few of the local spirits, too.