How to Find Your Place in the Sun

You’ll recall that in my last blog I was scouting out the Costa de la Luz in Spain as a potential candidate for my “life after Malta” base. And I promised to reveal more about how I choose my next location.

The Mystery of Tarxien Temple

I had an opportunity to go behind the scenes last week at one of Malta’s most important megalithic sites: Tarxien Temple.

It was an after hours members-only visit to examine the most recent archaeological excavations, and to learn a few things that aren’t on the normal tourist itinerary.

The 360 Degree Penthouse Years

A few weeks ago I sent you an email about the end of the Palazzo Years. And I shared some photos of the amazing 400 year old house I was renting in a village called Zejtun in the south of Malta.

As it was prophesied, so it has come to pass.

Exploring Malta’s Cottonera Lines

Last week I had an opportunity to visit a historical site here in Malta that isn’t open to the public, and I’d like to share a few photos with you.

It’s right around the corner from where I live. I drove through it many times on my way to and from Birgu, but I had no idea what it was apart from its name: the Notre Dame Gate.

Come to the Secret Corners of my Island

Fawwarra views

The theme of “finding hidden places in my own backyard” continued. But this time I was traveling the local scene with an actual explorer…

Take a Walk Through Zejtun with Me

I’ve gone to a great deal of trouble to visit some of the world’s forgotten corners.

But sometimes you discover secret places right there in your own neighbourhood…

That’s what happened to me — again — when I took a walk through the streets around my house on a Sunday excursion with the local historical society: Wirt iz-Zejtun.

Olive Pressing in Malta

I promised to update you on this year’s olive harvest.

If you read my earlier blog — Time to Harvest the Olives — you’ll know that I have 12 olive trees on the roof of my house.

A Secret WWII Command Centre Beneath the Stones


Deep in the rock beneath the bastions of Valletta lies a forgotten World War Two site. The museum is called Lascaris War Rooms, and it’s a “must visit” attraction if you come to Malta.

Easter in the Med


Malta is a largely Catholic island, and the rhythms of religion influence the cycles of life here, just as they have for centuries.

One of the biggest events of the calendar year is Easter. For those of you unfamiliar with Christian traditions, Easter commemorates the time when Jesus Christ was crucified, died and rose from the dead.

My Mediterranean Living Top 5


It’s been nearly a year since I packed up my books and moved to a small island in the Mediterranean.