Apartment Hunting in Malta — A Cautionary Tale

It’s incredible how disruptive the apartment hunting process is here in Malta.

The entire game is dominated by agents, who earn a commission equal to one month’s rent each time they successfully match owner with tenant.

Exploring Malta’s Victoria Lines

The Victoria Lines is a 12km long series of fortifications that cuts across the island of Malta from coast to coast, along a steep escarpment called The Great Fault.

[…the Great Fault was actually no one’s fault… just geology…]

Searching for the Past — How I Spent Christmas

Christmas is just another day for me.

I’m not religious, and if forced to choose I would pick the old Greek and Roman pagan gods over any current creed or belief system.

I Spent Halloween in Jail

I decided to do something different this year.

Rather than knock on doors to get candy, or run around town throwing eggs and evading capture, I thought I’d spend the night in jail.

But not just any jail would do. It had to have a reputation for dark deeds, and at least a few hauntings.

How to Find Your Place in the Sun

You’ll recall that in my last blog I was scouting out the Costa de la Luz in Spain as a potential candidate for my “life after Malta” base. And I promised to reveal more about how I choose my next location.

The Mystery of Tarxien Temple

I had an opportunity to go behind the scenes last week at one of Malta’s most important megalithic sites: Tarxien Temple.

It was an after hours members-only visit to examine the most recent archaeological excavations, and to learn a few things that aren’t on the normal tourist itinerary.

The 360 Degree Penthouse Years

A few weeks ago I sent you an email about the end of the Palazzo Years. And I shared some photos of the amazing 400 year old house I was renting in a village called Zejtun in the south of Malta.

As it was prophesied, so it has come to pass.

Exploring Malta’s Cottonera Lines

Last week I had an opportunity to visit a historical site here in Malta that isn’t open to the public, and I’d like to share a few photos with you.

It’s right around the corner from where I live. I drove through it many times on my way to and from Birgu, but I had no idea what it was apart from its name: the Notre Dame Gate.

Come to the Secret Corners of my Island

Fawwarra views

The theme of “finding hidden places in my own backyard” continued. But this time I was traveling the local scene with an actual explorer…

Take a Walk Through Zejtun with Me

I’ve gone to a great deal of trouble to visit some of the world’s forgotten corners.

But sometimes you discover secret places right there in your own neighbourhood…

That’s what happened to me — again — when I took a walk through the streets around my house on a Sunday excursion with the local historical society: Wirt iz-Zejtun.