I’ve worked on a lot of articles over the years. And some of those trips — and the stories that came out of them — continue to hold a special place in my memory. This is a portfolio of some of my favourite print magazine features.


“From Cold War to Golden Shore” Outpost Magazine November/December 2015
Early one summer, with the warm fragrance of Spring in the air, I set out on a road trip through the three tiny Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Join me on a castle-filled art nouveau extravaganza, complete with abandoned Soviet nuclear sites and prisons, and the mysterious Curonian Spit…

“Be Still My Desert Heart” Outpost Magazine July/August 2014
Join me on a vehicle-based expedition to Jebel Uweinat, deep in the central Sahara. We journey up the Nile from Khartoum, Sudan, stopping to explore pyramids along the way. And then we venture into the deep desert, following heroes like Ralph Bagnold and Hassanein Bey, in search of prehistoric rock art…

“Namibian Nights” Outpost Magazine Fall/Winter 2012/2013
Have you ever dreamed of traveling through African deserts in your own kitted-out Land Rover? Join me for close encounters with wild desert elephants, raiding baboons, curious giraffe and characters right out of an H. Rider Haggard novel. But be warned: you might just catch the overlanding addiction…  Read article

“Camelot Uncovered” Outpost Magazine Winter 2010/2011
Join me and photographer Simon Vaughan as we search for the real man behind the legend of King Arthur. Did we solve the mystery? Well, I learned that a journey through Wales is a lot like waking up in a detective story. And on this trip I was travelling with the genuine article…  Read article

“Spirited Journey” Outpost Magazine July/August 2009
On a journey to the Land of Saints and Scholars, I visit sites from my grandparent’s past. I haunt its pubs and I climb its highest hills, and I come to understand what Ireland has always meant to me: true to my Irish ancestors, I have always created my own personal corpus of myth, and each story is firmly rooted to a place. Mine is a landscape of memory. Read article

“French Connection” Outpost Magazine July/August 2008
Late one autumn, as the sun slanted through brittle orange leaves, I drive across the south of France searching for the ghost of the writer Lawrence Durrell. It isn’t exactly a pilgrimage, but I do experience that strange sense of diplopia when a setting which has lived in your imagination suddenly enters the tangible world-and the journey leaves me with more questions than answers. Read article

“Egypt Through the Western Eye” Alo Hayati Magazine December 2008
On a recent visit to the tourist haunts of Egypt, I learn that ruins and the dreams we populate them with tell us more about ourselves than they do about the ancients. As travelers, we don’t want the Egypt of today-we seek the Egypt of that idealized past, because we, too, dream of greatness. Read article

“Sands of Time” Outpost Magazine July/August 2007
I journey with the legendary Bedouin on a week-long expedition out of Jordan’s Wadi Rum, with the simple goal of perfecting my camel skills while experiencing a mode of travel. I learn that in the harsh simplicity of the desert there is only life and the absence of it, and one flows into the other… Read article

“Walking the Line” Outpost Magazine March/April 2007
Air-dropped into a remote region of Canada’s Northwest Territories for a planned 222-mile hike, I quickly discover that the beauty of the north is unforgiving-the land is tolerating you and that’s all. Through grizzly encounters, adrenaline-fuelled river crossings, and raging infection, I learn how little my existence, hopes and dreams really matter in the larger scheme of Time. Read article

“Almost a Desert, Never the Same” Outpost Magazine March/April 2006
The story of South Dakota isn’t linear. The hidden past is all around, ghosted like multiple exposures, layer upon layer in a distortion of temporal space and distance. The past and the present exist simultaneously, and standing on a windblown Badlands overlook, I became a memory of my future selves, ghosted on the fractured screen of this Dakota view. Read article