Vagabond Dreams Outtakes 10—Zack Speaks


Vagabond Dreams Outtakes are “deleted scenes” from my book. Think of them as a “Special Features” disc of outtakes and curios

From The Philosophy of Zachary Peoples:

Page 12: “I dunno, man. Philosophy’s interestin’, but I think that what you believe has to come from inside yourself, ya know? No one can teach you how to examine and make sense of life. Anyone who thinks so, well, I feel sorry for ’em.”

Page 23: “I believe this is the only life we can be sure of. I live my life as best I can, I treat people respectfully and try to experience all I can or all that appeals to me. If this is it and I spent my life as an accountant and got a pension, I’d feel pretty shitty about myself. Of course there’s reincarnation, ’cause matter and energy are never destroyed, right? But as far as me living again as a hedgehog so I can think about how I fucked up, I doubt it. I hope there’s an afterlife and a heaven where I can play ping pong with Jack Kerouac all day, but I doubt it.”

Page 34: “I don’t see my life as any more valuable than that of a drunken bum. I can see a bit of him in me and me in him. If you look closely you can see that kinship in everyone. Some people on this rock really need to try that.”

Page 40: I try to live a righteous life, I don’t bother anyone. I help folks when I can and try not to cause any major trouble. I think I’ll get through those pearly gates anyway, if they exist. And if God doesn’t wanna let me in ’cause I didn’t do it all in his name, then I don’t wanna be hangin’ around the arrogant bastard anyway. Besides, all the good conversations’ll be going on in hell.”



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