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It’s been quiet here in Road Wisdom land, but it’s the silence of distant places rather than the silence of inactivity that has fallen over my blog…

I’ve been on the road these past couple months. Exploring the rugged interior of New Caledonia in the South Pacific. Navigating the hectic city streets of Tokyo, and the quieter corners of northern Honshu. And more recently in the US — the farthest steamy south at Key West, and then across the continent to Seattle to see The Church and hang with Steve Kilbey.

I’ve got a lot of new material for you: new adventures, new book reviews, new music, and new deep philosophical thoughts. And we’ll get to it all in good time. But we’ve gotta start somewhere. Why don’t we go for a walk to set the mood?

Let’s begin with Tokyo…

How’d you like to join me for the day? We’ll check out a couple places I’ve never been before. We’ll stroll through history in the centre of the city at Hama-rikyu gardens — the Edo period Shogun Ienobu’s private retreat. We’ll window shop the glittering streets of Ginza, Tokyo’s 5th Avenue. And we’ll wind it all up in the pulsing neon 22nd Century Shibuya night.

I just picked up a new camera in Narita. The weather’s rather warm for December. Grab a light jacket and let’s go. It should be a fun time…

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Ryan Murdock

Author of A Sunny Place for Shady People and Vagabond Dreams: Road Wisdom from Central America. Host of Personal Landscapes podcast. Editor-at-Large (Europe) for Canada's Outpost magazine. Writer at The Shift. Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

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