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It’s been a bit quiet around here lately, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been scheming…

You were desperate for your travel fix. In need of stories that combine adventure, philosophy, bookish overtones and deep desert thoughts.

Well it’s time to get your fix…

You asked and I have delivered. But I didn’t just put together one catch-all piece for your reading pleasure. I’ve got 3 totally new, incredibly exciting adventures for you to wrap your sweaty summer hands around.

You’ll find them all here — conveniently packaged in one “Collector’s Edition” volume — Outpost magazine’s 100th issue:


I wrote an introspective piece on travel that opens the issue and sets the tone for this important anniversary edition. Thanks very much to Outpost’s publishers for asking me to do that, and for trusting my voice to capture exactly the right feel.

I also contributed 10 Literary Journeys of a Lifetime that’ll feed your bookish flame and inspire trips to every pen-trodden corner of the globe. My colleagues on the magazine each contributed their own trips too, and you’ll find them dishing out their very best secrets in their own areas of expertise, including trekking, thrill seeking, nature travel, and more.

And finally, the big one. I contributed a main feature article on last year’s Sahara desert expedition. Our target was Jebel Uweinat, an isolated mountain range that sits right on the border of Sudan, Egypt and Libya. And the story includes run ins with the military, previously undiscovered prehistoric rock art, and even a little gold mining in the remote desert wastes.

You can check out a digital preview of the issue on Outpost’s website. And you can also pick up a digital copy of the full issue on iTunes – which is a great option for those of you who live overseas!

For those in Canada, grab a copy at Chapters or other quality magazine stores. Or better yet, subscribe and tell them I sent ya!

There’s much more to come. But I hope this gets your summer off to a great start, and helps fuel new travel dreams.

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Ryan Murdock

Author of A Sunny Place for Shady People and Vagabond Dreams: Road Wisdom from Central America. Host of Personal Landscapes podcast. Editor-at-Large (Europe) for Canada's Outpost magazine. Writer at The Shift. Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

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