Okay, Yeah — The New Book


A lot of people replied by email to my last cryptic “Where’s Waldo” blog…

Well, the correct answer is “Ottawa”.

I’ve locked myself away in semi-seclusion for a month to get a solid start on a new book. And I’m pleased to report that it’s going well.

A few of you also saw my Facebook post, and wanted to know what the new book will be about.

It’s about another long journey — an inner and an outer one. To a region of the world that was like dropping onto another planet entirely:

Mongolia lake

Yeah, we’re talking about Mongolia, for starters.

That was one of my absolute favourite countries. And I think you’ll enjoy reading about my adventures with Degii and the Swedish girls, and with our good friend Richard.

Here’s another photo of a herdsmen we met along the way. He invited us into his ger for lunch:

Mongolia herdsman

I’ll also take you adventuring through the far western frontiers of China, including the dreaded Taklamakan Desert — whose name translates to “Those who go in don’t come out…

Here’s a photo of me right after we emerged from a camel trip into the sands:

Taklamakan expedition

Jesus, what a beard!

Tibet will be in there too, of course…

And I’m going to surprise you with a bit of good ol’ travel philosophy that you probably never expected to read from my pen.

I think you’re gonna enjoy this one.

But for now, it’s back to my desk. There’s a lot of heavy lifting yet to do. And my mind is roaming the streets of Beijing, reuniting with one of the Swedish girls and preparing to head west, to the centre of the country.

I can’t wait to share the adventure with you!

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