Gunkanjima: The Bond Villain Island in Skyfall

The James Bond island in Skyfall is real...

The James Bond island in Skyfall is real…

That mysterious ruined island in Skyfall is real.

If you saw the 2012 James Bond film, you were likely as mesmerized as I was by the scene. Bond and Séverine are prisoners on a yacht, and as they sail towards the villain’s lair to meet their doom, a mysterious island emerges from sea mist.

Tomorrow’s Yesterday: Clocked

warped clock


If I could turn back time.

If I could turn back time, I would change that first sentence so that it read, “If I could turn back time” rather than what it says now.

“It does say that,” you might observe. “It says that now.”

A Postcard from Where?

celeryhenge.jpgA Postcard from Celeryhenge

Deep in the forests of a rainy northern isle, far beyond the cities and the moss-choked walls, lies one of our most enduring mysteries: the world’s largest primitive megavegetal site.

The Valley

Show kindness to your friends by not eating them, the sign said. But what the fuck else is there to eat? I shake my head as the soft flesh of a newly cooked baby dissolves on my tongue. They don’t know what they’re missing. My larder is an assemblage of appendages. The valley made me into an aunt-eater.