Palmyra — Syria’s Desert Treasure

The Temple of Baal

Palmyra sits far out in the desert, an oasis within what is now the war torn country of Syria.

Is This The World’s Stupidest Hobby?

Petards — possibly the world's most annoying "hobby"...

Petards — possibly the world’s most annoying “hobby”

Have you ever dreamed of living in the middle of an artillery firing range? Then Malta in summer is for you.

Bet You Didn’t Know THAT About Camels!

I’ve done a number of expeditions by camel — both dromedary and Bactrian. And I like to think I’m fairly well read in the lore of this noble beast.

Well, I learned a pile of new camel facts yesterday when I cracked open the cover of Camel by Robert Irwin.

Days Between Mirages



Certain skies have the power to sharpen eyesight.

It is the map maker who actually creates the world, and in a landscape devoid of features, cartography turns inward.

Far below the walls of Dier Mar Moussa, the sands stretched out like a hazy veil beyond the perpetual present; beyond even remembering.