We are staring into the abyss


I never imaged I would see a massive crowd chanting “Gas the Jews” on the streets of Sydney. Or the leader of an academic union representing sessional faculty at McMaster University — CUPE Local 3906 — celebrating the largest massacre of Jewish people since the Holocaust, and then doubling down on it in the face of criticism.  If you’re a member of that union, the very least you can do is...

There is no moral equivalence for atrocity


I try to avoid politics on my blog. My focus is travel, culture and books. But I’m unable to tear myself away from the scenes of barbarity making their way out of Israel through Twitter, and sites like Bari Weiss’s Free Press substack. There’s one video I can’t get out of my head.  A young girl is yanked by her hair from the back of a Jeep by a man with a pistol who shouts “God is great”...


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