Tibesti Expedition – Exclusive Footage


I’ve put together some video for you of my recent expedition to one of the Sahara’s most remote corners. Only one previous expedition has reached the Ouri plain in Chad’s Tibesti mountains. That was about 15 years ago, and given the difficulties, I can’t see anyone else trying it anytime soon. I’m no cinematographer by any stretch, so please don’t expect a movie. I simply want to give you a sense...

Don’t Eat This at Home — Expedition Food EXPOSED!


Thanks for all your great feedback on my recent Tibesti – Chad expedition. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the story, and the outstanding photos by Tomoko Goto. I’m often asked what the food is like on a deep desert expedition. What do we eat? And how do we pack so food stays safe in 36C heat? Well, first of all, unlike the pampered driving trips I’ve done in the southern part of Africa, these Land...

Chad – Tibesti Expedition 2015


It’s been over a month since I posted a new blog. But hey, I’ve been in one of world’s least visited countries  — and in an area that’s considered incredibly remote, even by Sahara standards. I signed on for another expedition organized by my good friend Andras Zboray, who has been patiently searching out and meticulously cataloguing prehistoric rock art in the Sahara for well over a decade. This...

Operation Salam: High Adventure in the Eastern Sahara


The desert is on my brain these days… I’m gearing up for a big expedition to the Tibesti mountains in northern Chad. And I’ve been going through my library of Sahara books as the anticipation builds. I want to share one of my favourites with you today. It’s called Operation Salam. And one of the  coauthors, Andras Zboray, is a good friend. I traveled with Andras to the remote Jebel Uweinat back...

An Interview with Sahara Explorer Andras Zboray


Andras Zboray is one of those rare kindred spirits you sometimes bump into on the road. Someone with a shared love of the desert, a taste for remote places, and a drive to see what’s up around the next bend. Andras has probably found more prehistoric rock art sites than any other living explorer. And he certainly knows Jebel Uweinat — an isolated granite and sandstone mountain on the remote...

A Postcard from the Naqa Temple


Fifty kilometers east of the Nile — a camel or donkey’s journey in ancient times — sits one of the largest ruined sites in Sudan. Today it’s an area of wild and remote desert. But the Wadi Aeateib was once fertile and well watered, and this was the site of an important city in the Kingdom of Meroe. The remains of three temples greet the traveler who makes the rough desert drive out to visit this...

A Riverside Room As Large As The Dead


Everyone knows the pyramids of Egypt. But few seem aware that there are even more pyramids farther up the Nile in Sudan. Unlike the more familiar Egyptian style pyramids, those found in Sudan are tall, narrow structures with steeper sides and a smaller base. Most have a rectangular room attached to one side which acts as an offering temple for the deceased whose body is entombed beneath the giant...

Give Me a Dune with a View!


It’s been a few weeks since I posted a new blog. And while there’s no excuse for leaving you hanging, I can honestly say there wasn’t an internet connection for at least 800km… I’ve been in the Sahara for most of the past month, on an expedition to one of the least inhabited regions of the desert. Our target was Jebel Uweinat, an isolated mountain range that sits right on the border of...

Bet You Didn’t Know THAT About Camels!


I’ve done a number of expeditions by camel — both dromedary and Bactrian. And I like to think I’m fairly well read in the lore of this noble beast. Well, I learned a pile of new camel facts yesterday when I cracked open the cover of Camel by Robert Irwin. This is a fascinating read for anyone who is the least bit curious about the natural world. Irwin doesn’t just discuss the camel’s unique...

On The Loose in Southern Africa

Outpost magazine Ryan Murdock's Namibia feature

My latest magazine feature just hit newsstands. You can find it in Chapters, Coles and other bookstores across Canada, and in select international magazine stores in the United States. Congrats to Tomoko Goto for landing the cover photo on her first feature assignment. It’s a story of adventure, exploration, close animal encounters and more. I don’t remember where I first heard about Namibia...

Ryan Murdock

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