New Feature: Is This The Most Popular Destination of 2017…?

Hiking above the valley of Pjófadalir…

This distant northern country might be the most popular tourist destination of 2017.

It’s a place where the wind gusts so strong it will literally tear the door off your car.

It’s a place where the landscape morphs and changes before your eyes such that you can see geological time.

A New Anthropology of Drink

Aperitifs and the digestifs: the fuel of conversations deep and wide...

Aperitifs and the digestifs: the fuel of conversations deep and wide…

Me and Tomoko were shopping in Prenzlauer Berg early one evening this past Fall. And when the time was right, we walked down a quiet street until I found the blank steel door that I’d been searching for. There was no sign. Just a photo of the Irish playwright Samuel Beckett in a dark window.

Chad – Tibesti Expedition 2015

It’s been over a month since I posted a new blog.

But hey, I’ve been in one of world’s least visited countries  — and in an area that’s considered incredibly remote, even by Sahara standards.

Exploring My Old Urban Haunts

I shared a video with you in my last blog, where I got together with an old childhood friend to search for a campsite we’d set up 27 years before.

I hope it brought to mind some of your own childhood adventures and memories, and that you spent a couple days taking a mental journey through the hazy summers of your youth.

Traveling Back in Time

I found one of my old campsites this summer… nearly 27 years later.

In a recent blog, I talked about exploring old haunts in my hometown region with my friend Rob Wilson.

Three New Stories — On Newsstands Now!

It’s been a bit quiet around here lately, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been scheming…

You were desperate for your travel fix. In need of stories that combine adventure, philosophy, bookish overtones and deep desert thoughts.

Well it’s time to get your fix…

Reflections in a Broken Mirror: Impressionist Sketches of Istanbul

Istanbul is a city of memory.

The past permeates every street, shop, iconic edifice and passing face. As I walked through its streets and explored its buildings, I began to detect the city’s dominant themes.

A Week of Expedition Skills in the Lake District

It’s been a little while since I posted a new blog. I’ve spent all of 1 week at home in the past 5 weeks, and I’ve got a lot of travels to fill you in on.

Let’s start by talking about the Expedition Skills course I attended last week in England’s Lake District.

Is There Any Hope for the Next Generation?

Know what shocked me the most about my trip home last Christmas?

It wasn’t the snow or the miserable cold, or the strange local accent I thought I’d forgotten.

It was the fact that my friends kids sit inside all day and play video games or watch TV. All of their activities are organized for them. And they frequently complain of being bored.

A Riverside Room As Large As The Dead

Everyone knows the pyramids of Egypt. But few seem aware that there are even more pyramids farther up the Nile in Sudan.

Unlike the more familiar Egyptian style pyramids, those found in Sudan are tall, narrow structures with steeper sides and a smaller base. Most have a rectangular room attached to one side which acts as an offering temple for the deceased whose body is entombed beneath the giant stone memorial.