Is There Any Hope for the Next Generation?

Know what shocked me the most about my trip home last Christmas?

It wasn’t the snow or the miserable cold, or the strange local accent I thought I’d forgotten.

It was the fact that my friends kids sit inside all day and play video games or watch TV. All of their activities are organized for them. And they frequently complain of being bored.

My First Magazine Assignment

I still remember when I got the call to do my first magazine assignment.

It was in the spring of 2005. I’d just sold my first big feature to Outpost, about an expedition by camel into the sandy wastes of the Taklamakan Desert.

Book Signing Update and Pics

I promised to give you an update on the signing I did at Leeds County Books this past week…

Despite a blizzard that smothered the region in several inches of snow, the turnout was excellent.

Tasting Rum in Barbados

I was in Barbados for work a couple weeks ago. We had meetings of course, but most of the time we sat on the terrance of our rented villa, with laptops open next to a windswept view of the sea.


15 Fall Indulgences For Travellers

It still feels like summer on my island—30C and sunny every day, with no sign of letting up. But it’s autumn back in North America. My favourite time of year.

My Head is Reeling With the Motion

I’ve got several new updates for you from Murdland. This is such exciting stuff my poor head is reeling with it.

Voice from Another Room: …it’s probably just the gin…

Nevermind smart guy!

25 Things You Don’t Know About Me


Yeah, this post was inspired by one of those dumb internet memes. I saw it on someone’s blog and thought it might be fun.


We’ve been traveling together for a while now, but apart from the obvious stuff like books, music and traveler’s tales, we really don’t know that much about each other. That’s a bit strange, considering how long we’ve shared the road.

Egad…. It’s The Hound!!!


A journey through Wales is a walk through the landscape of my childhood imagination. It was like traveling through the fragments of dreams barely remembered, with a constant haze of deja vu hovering just over my shoulder.

The Worst Smelling Place on the Planet


I’ve got a short video to share with you today. Ever wonder which piece of geography qualifies as the worst smelling place on the planet? Well, I found it…

I really wish I could make this video scratch and sniff. You can’t fully appreciate this place unless you’ve had it seared into your nose.

Why I Hate Chamomile Tea


You know what really pisses me off?

Chamomile tea.

Anything labelled “soothing” or “calming” drives my anger through the roof. Are you saying I need to calm down???? Are you? Well great job then Mr. Crystal Rubber, because I HATE being told what to do. Don’t be surprised if “someone” eggs your house… I need calming down like I need 14 assholes.